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The Big 3: Demand Generation

In our last post, we touched on some of the operational scaling challenges associated with nearly every growth-stage tech-enabled services (TES) businesses. Today we turn our attention to the last and arguably the most ubiquitous growth imperative, demand generation. So what exactly do we mean by demand generation? Let’s start with what it’s not.

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It’s Just a Bunch of Numbers

When I was in college, the brothers in my fraternity would formally meet for dinner on a weekly basis (and we generally would not be welcomed back to that establishment). Now that we’ve graduated, matured and have full-time jobs, we get together for dinner only once each quarter. And for some reason, there’s an ongoing joke that we are board members of a fictitious company. So, to keep the joke going, I created a board deck for our 1Q17 meeting. Below is the slide that summarizes the financial situation of the company.  The post It’s Just a Bunch of Numbers first appeared on Edison Partners.

Datavail Announces Acquisition of AdvancedEPM Consulting

On March 6th, 2017 Oracle Consultancy Deepens Expertise in Enterprise Performance Management BROOMFIELD, Colorado, and CLEVELAND, Ohio – March 6, 2017 – Datavail, a leading provider of managed services for database management, analytics, and application life cycle management, today announced the acquisition of AdvancedEPM Consulting, an Oracle Platinum Partner focused on Oracle Enterprise Performance Management.

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CFO Transparency: Should We Be Talking About That?

At Edison, we talk about transparency A LOT; we value it and pride ourselves on it. So, let me be honest here – there are times that we are transparent only within reason. For example, you may not get specific numbers from us, rather we’ll give you a range (and maybe one that you can drive a truck through). The reality is that sometimes it can be counterproductive to share too much detail. Our CFOs face this very same reality.  At our 11th annual CFO Roundtable earlier this month, transparency was a popular topic, which got me to thinking, How can CFOs promote transparency without compromising confidentiality?

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One Surefire Way to Screw up Your Lifestyle Business

Some businesses are designed – maybe even destined – to be owner operated. Industry parlance often refers to these businesses as lifestyle businesses. Wikipedia has a nice definition. They are typically small, profitable, generate cash and enable their owner-operator to sustain a well-above average lifestyle. In some circumstances, they may even make their owner-operator filthy rich over time.

Some people may think that the term lifestyle business is an insult. I couldn’t disagree more. Being the owner-operator of a lifestyle business should be a source of pride; a badge of honor.

Tenth Anniversary for Catalyst-backed WeddingWire

WeddingWire Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Highlighting the Evolution of Weddings Press release: CHEVY CHASE, MD–WeddingWire, Inc., the leading global online marketplace connecting consumers with event and creative professionals, is proud to celebrate ten years of innovation, service and partnership within the wedding industry. A decade ago, Timothy Chi joined forces with his Blackboard co-founder, Lee Wang, […]

There’s a Taskforce for That…

One thing successful companies figure out early is how to use multiple levers to accelerate growth. For growth-stage companies, mobilizing an organization across multiple, parallel initiatives is not easy when execution resources are limited, and when leadership over such initiatives tends to fall to the same one or two executives. But, whether your business is at $9M in revenue or $35M, there is one sure-fire method for successful cross-organizational alignment and execution: The Taskforce.


Edison Partners Leads $10M Growth Equity Investment in Terminus

Princeton, NJ — May 15, 2017 — Edison Partners today announced leading a $10 million Series B growth investment in Atlanta-based account-based marketing platform company Terminus, alongside Atlanta Ventures, with participation from existing investors. Terminus will use the funds to further build out its account-based marketing (ABM) platform, its ABM Cloud partner program, and expand operations with a new West Coast office.

The Big 3: Operational Scaling in Your SaaS or Tech-Enabled Service Business

In a prior post on the the Big 3 challenges common to nearly every growth-stage tech-enabled services (TES) businesses, we explored the importance of building and developing your team. In this post, we’ll focus on a second growth imperative, operational scaling. Bending the growth curve to double, triple or quadruple revenues presents a new set of […]

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Edison Partners Leads $8M Series A Growth Investment in Solovis

Princeton, NJ — May 9, 2017 — Edison Partners today announced leading an $8 million Series A growth investment in Dallas-based Solovis, the leading provider of portfolio management and reporting software for foundations, endowments, pensions, and family offices. Prior investors also joined the round. Solovis will use proceeds to support continued company growth and drive product and services innovation.